18 April 2011

Holy Moly Dragons Postmortem - by Adam Reilly

      Posted 04/14/11 11:22:00 pm  

Holy Moly Dragons Postmortem

Holy Moly Dragons (HMD) is a 3D tower defense iPhone game in which you hatch different types of dragons to defend against an army of medieval creatures. 

I’ve always loved the tower defense genre, and making one had been a goal for a while.  I’m also a big fan of dragons and fantasy games and I thought it would be cool to play as a dragon because oftentimes they are depicted as the “bad guys” in stories and games.

My friend Hugo Beyer is a big fan of tower defense as well, and mobile games in general, so in October 2009 I pitched him the simple idea of a tower defense game where your towers are dragons and you have to stop medieval enemies like knights, trolls, and minotaurs. He really liked the idea, so we began discussing design ideas on Skype after work. Thus began our 18 month journey.

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