10 February 2011

1 Distributed Development Insight from 3 Kanban Principles - by Keith Fuller

      Posted 02/03/11 06:20:00 pm  

Yesterday I attended a webinar on Kanban provided by Janice Linden-Reed of Net Objectives. It wasn't specifically geared toward game development but I managed to come away with some useful thoughts pertinent to distributed teams. Amongst other things, Janice mentioned three principles of Kanban which I'll list shortly. For the uninitiated she provided the following definition of Kanban:

Kanban is a method to bring Lean principles into action where the goal is to deliver value, meeting the customer's needs. Build the right thing, the right way, at the right time.

Principle 1: Visibility

This is all about seeing hazards in time to react to them. A critical tool in obtaining visibility is a visual model of your work and your workflow -- the Kanban board.

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