18 April 2011

Using games as a marketing tool - by Bart Hufen

      Posted 04/15/11 07:21:00 am  

My book was published in Dutch in The Netherlands last year (Laat met je merk spelen), but I would like to gather more and new cases for the English version. 

If you're a developer and you have some successful examples how games helped to achieve marketing objectives, let me know!

I categorized the best cases I could find in the marketingmix: 

- Product (co-creation, pre-testing, in-game product sampling, virtual usage)
- Price (play for free, play for discount, play for prizes, play for points)
- Place (innovative distribution methods and new business models)
- Personnel (assessment, training, internal branding, vitality)
- Promotion (product placement, branded content, ingame advertising, visually adapted games or advergames)

Please feel free to download the free summary at www.brandnewplayground.com

And let me know what you think!

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