18 April 2011

Media Versus Customer: Who To Believe? - by Neil Schneider

      Posted 04/06/11 11:56:00 am  

As a proud stereoscopic 3D gamer and a technology advocate, I can’t help but wonder if our industry is moving according to the wrong pressures.  While the technology gets better and better with sharper and brighter displays, the market leaders seem to be tying a hand behind their back as an answer to media pressures.  Note that I say “media pressures” and not “consumer pressures”.

Let me begin by sharing a recent story.  In December, I was interviewed by a top publication for a story to be printed in March of this year.  The journalist needed information about all the available 3D solutions on the market, how they work, availability of 3D games – everything.  We even had email exchanges about the HDMI connector spec for Sony PS3 and XBOX 360 as they relate to 3D.

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