18 April 2011

Interactive Drama, is it really a new genre? - by David Oso

      Posted 04/17/11 11:58:00 am  

Nowadays it is very hard to get a new genre to be created in this industry and I believe the latest genre well sub genre to be created was under Strategy games and I can't remember the name of it, I think it's called X 4 Com or something, or 4 X (my opinion). Anyway the newest genre to appear is Interactive Drama, you can only experience this genre for the game Heavy Rain exclusive to the PS3.

Is Interactive Drama really a new genre for this gaming industry? I believe it is, many can say it isn't but more of a blend of other genres together or many game mechanics formed into one. Last time I checked Heavy Rain in an 'opinion' source Wikipedia, listed it as an Adventure game. Now the game page has been updated to Interactive Drama, thus interactive drama having it's own article. However Wikipedai seems to be getting the wrong impression of what Interactive Drama is, I mean how can you list "There have been some recent video games that have used this approach using fully-animated computer generated scenes, including various adventure games such as the Sound Novel series byChunsoft, Shenmue", Shenmue as an interactive drama?:/

Anyway Wikipedia words are nothing but opinion and same as mine. Why is Interactive Drama a new genre?
Because of the formula that makes it as its own. Heavy Rain's gameplay consist of QTE (Quick Time Interactive) mechanic throughout, you can control the character and interact with almost everything in the world of Heavy Rain. The story is obviously adventure, and not only are you experiencing a story however the story connects to the player based on their feeling and how they should feel in a particular scene. And the final thing is the conscience, emotion and feelings of the character that the player deeply relates to. 


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