17 March 2011

Review / Homefront (X360)

The United States hasn’t had an enemy both sides of the political divide could rally against since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Kaos Studios’ Homefront thinks North Korea could fit the bill, with a little creative license. Kaos Studios and John Milius, the writer of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, have created an almost post-apocalyptic vision of an America weakened by economic collapse, widespread disease and scattered military. But that’s just the build up to the main event. In this speculative future, Kim Jong-un, son of North Korea’s current pint-sized dictator Kim Jong-il, has somehow managed to turn the poverty-stricken, famine-ridden nation into a conquering nuclear superpower capable of annexing Japan, seizing Hawaii and eventually invading and occupying the United States with an evil zeal that would make Stalin proud.

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