9 March 2011

10 Sites for Retro Video Game Fans

Whether you love the old Atari games or you are a fan of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or any other classic home video game consoles, you’ll likely want to check out these links. Why? Because they can take you back in time to a place where video games were fun and less hectic.

The Video Game Critic

This website has been around for more than a decade now. It’s a pretty basic site, but there’s lots of information. Most of that information involves reviews of classic video games, though there is a growing list of reviews of more modern games. Also included are screen shots of each game reviewed, and that can be quite helpful in jarring the old memory. One great thing is these reviews are not by just one person, but by many people, and you might want to become a member of the site so you can post your own reviews.

Tomorrow’s Heroes

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