9 February 2011

Organize Your Thoughts Like a Pro Designer - by Brice Morrison

      Posted 02/09/11 03:19:00 am  

This article originally ran on game design site The Game Prodigy.  Visit for more resources on game design.

When you’re a designer, or especially a designer/programmer or a designer/artist working on your own games, then you need to be organized.  Or at least I do.  I have so many ideas running around my brain, most of them useless but some of them gold nuggets.  The ones that are good I need to make sure that they get captured.  And the ones that aren’t good?  Well…we can write those down too in hope that they’ll eventually bring along their good-idea friends too.

When I was originally typing this article up, I had listed my 4 Rules for taking great notes.  However I realized that they should really be guidelines, because although they work for me, something different or some variation may work for you.  Nevertheless, here is how a pro game designer fills his notebooks.

Guideline #1: No idea is too small

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