11 February 2011

Nintendo 3Ds

An overview of Nintendo’s newest handheld system slated for release in the U.S. 3/27/11.

Chances are you’ve heard about Nintendo’s 3DS, the next generation handheld from the video gaming giant even if you don’t play video games. If not, here’s an overview for you.

3D- without the glasses. The hook for the new console is the fact that it will display games in 3D, similar to seeing a 3D movie at the theater, but without the glasses. It does this by using a parallax barrier- which allows each eye to see a different set of pixels resulting in the added depth. Nintendo has been very strict about not leaking what any of this technology really looks like outside of actually going to one of the gaming conventions… but of course some of it has leaked. the only really good video available at the moment can be found below. At about 50 seconds you can see the 3d effects. 
Backwards compatible- The 3DS will, along with a new set of games available exclusively for the 3DS will be able to play any regular Nintendo DS games, as well as downloaded games from the Nintendo market.New control layout. The 3DS will include the standard D-pad and 4 buttons, but will also include an analog slider that will bring it closer to the control scheme of an at-home console. A slider on the side of the system will control the 3D depth in case you get tired of looking at things in three dimensions.Impressive launch titles- will include games such as Nintendogs

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