10 February 2011

Impressions / Dragon Age II

Given the success of Dragon Age: Origins, you’d think BioWare would be content to sit back, address some of the nagging issues with combat, polish up the graphics, spit out a new Grey Warden and call it a day with Dragon Age II. By the Maker’s design, not so.

From the look and feel down to how the story is delivered, Dragon Age II is a vastly different game than its predecessor. This level of change, especially in a previously 90-rated franchise, may cause some to worry that BioWare is fixing something that’s not broken. BioWare and EA are aware of this risk, and they’re intent on bracing fans for the initial shock.

We had the chance to test these changes firsthand during a Dragon Age II event last week. Before we got our hands on the demo that’s set to be released on Feb. 22, lead designer Mike Laidlaw detailed the rationale behind the new look Dragon Age. BioWare’s goal was to

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