22 January 2011

XBLIG 2010: The Best And The Worst - by Jamie Mann

      Posted 01/21/11 06:45:00 am  

Ah, Xbox Live Indie Games.  A home to cheap "massage" apps, Pong clones, Bejewelled wannabes and more zombies than you can shake a shotgun at.

Or is it?

There is a lot more to the service than these stereotypes: 2010 saw a total of 875 games released on the platform, spread across virtually every gaming genre and often offering a bizzare and/or wonderous take on established conventions.

How do I know this?  Simple: I've played them all.  And while I'm still questioning my sanity - and it may have taken me the best part of a month to clear the last of the 2010 backlog - I'm now able to look back at a full year of XBLIG games.  And here's what I found...

(and if you want to see all of these and more, feel free to head over to http://www.xboxindiegames.co.uk/ - comments are welcomed!)

XBLIG 2010: the ten best games

(or: the games which I'd use to showcase the platform, in alphabetic order)

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