21 January 2011

A Visit to Woozworld - by Simon Ludgate

      Posted 01/20/11 07:00:00 pm  

After writing my article on virtual economies in MMOs, I received a number of interesting emails; one of which was an invitation to meet with Eric Brassard, the CEO of Woozworld. Woozworld is a web-based social game designed for tweens (ages 9-14), which doesn't fall into my typical coverage zone of more mature MMO games.

Nevertheless, since I happened to be in Montreal over the Christmas holidays, I decided to drop by and see what it was all about. At the very least, I figured I ought to see what kind of in-game economy Woozworld supported.

Woozworld's tale begins with Tribal Nova, a company that produces educational games for children. Part of the web-based technology developed at Tribal Nova was co-opted to produce the underlying basis for Woozworld. This project, which targeted an older audience, was spun off from Tribal Nova, launching as an independent company around December 2009.

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