4 January 2011

Talking About G-Star 2010 - by Simon Lim

      Posted 01/03/11 03:31:00 am  

It was not so hard to pack my business carrier for heading to Busan since it hosts the 6th G-Star 2010 in 2 years consecutively. Bexco is no longer unfamiliar. Korean media and game companies also liked it generally. Some said it was successful.

What about foreign companies? Due to the North Korea’s provocation occurred just right before the survey took place, some people preferred Busan as a host city for G-Star than Seoul because it is located in south that seems much safer. I don’t know what to say. lol. Let’s check out what others thought about G-Star 2010.

This survey was done with 56 foreign online game companies who attend G-Star2010 include publisher, consultant, solution, and media. Please be aware that the outcome of the survey is limited to personal opinions. :)

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