5 January 2011

... step by step ... - by Guido Brune

      Posted 01/02/11 02:16:00 pm  

After 366 days I will write my second post on Gamasutra in order to update you concerning the developíng on the new multiplayer engine.

To my memory in the first half year I did not very much on project, beside playing around with a wiki on ZOHO. Mid of the year I had the idea to develop a new module for Legends with a historic background (working title: Great China - Seven realms). Additionally I was involed in new Legends 2.1 with XML turn output.

Additionally I develop some additionally activities in that area which are not subject of discussion here.

In september 2010 I was dump fucked like never before in professional life.

In december 2010 I founded a open source project which has the aim to develop a battle simulator in the multiplayer area. Up to now we have five member and still thriving ... but we speak only "Deutsch"!

If you are interested in more details, pls. drop via mail (nextGenMultiplayer

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