25 January 2011

New Community Manager and Comment Posting Guidelines - by Kyle Orland

      Posted 01/25/11 10:27:00 am  

Greetings, Gamasutra community.

My name is Kyle Orland. In addition to my regular news posting duties here at Gamasutra, I'll be managing the community for the site going forward. Basically, that means I'll be making sure the discussion among readers in comment threads and blog posts remains productive and respectful.

To that end, we've crafted some commenting guidelines meant to keep things running smoothly (they are also copied below). These are in addition to the existing blog posting guidelines which are still in effect.

Also, later this week, I'll be introducing a new "Comments of the Week" feature that highlights the week's most insighftul and thought-provoking comments. Winners will receive a random gift from my box of game-related swag... valued at roughly $0, yours FREE!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or notice any problems with user-posted content on the site. Or you can just leave a comment on this post... chances are I'll see it

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