26 January 2011

IBM OWNING the video games industry (and for good reasons) - by Rhys Hovey

      Posted 01/23/11 08:44:00 pm  

My recent "screw over" by INTEL corporation has given me a chance to really look at how much BETTER "IBM" is than "INTEL" when it comes to my future, and how much more the POWER model, serves the video games industry, then the cheap GHETTO laptop model.

It's easy to see from one look at the new POWER7 CPU, what's going to be happening in the next round of VIDEO GAMES CONSOLE wars. The power7 is looking like THE best CPU on the planet right now,. making it a no brainer that IBM will continue it's dominance in this area, and for good reasons. I'm predicting that a single die chip that nice, with this level of "mass production" will likely make NINTENDO take another look at "competing with the jones'" this time around,. time will tell. Never theless, this is one of the COOLEST CPU's, i've ever seen,. I would LOVE to somehow being doing INDIE game development on one of these. I'm way more for the POWER of the machine, rather than getting some games console that is all marketing and crappy 2 cent chips for ZYNGA gaming. Turbo core, could come in REALLY handy for porting, and speeding up current codebases, on teams that have "dead" multithread programmers, I was hoping for this kind of thing to hit the games console. IBM's stock is KILLING INTEL's as well,. I guess they deserve it, after all IBM has somewhere about 300,000 employees,. that's a LOT more than INTEL. I guess the deserve the gigs,. good thing INTEL isn't trying to GHETTO ZYNGA DARPA :) Quite the contrary where the AIRFORCE's TV commercials have NEVER looked more like a video game.

Maybe IBM's new found success in games, will give us a POWER platform for indie games, in the future!! 

Just look at these specs,. this thing makes,. CREAM S

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