22 January 2011

Character Creation – Clone And Customize - by anjin anhut

Over at the People Can Fly blog, they shared a quick insight into the design process for the endless waves of enemy grunts in Bulletstorm. Check it out. It's actually quite a nice read and features a neat customization video.

Ed, the author of said post makes a good argument for reusing graphical assets (in this case, a base 3D character model, texture variations and accessories), mainly focussing on the noticeably smaller memory space enemy hordes like this would need. The key idea is to basically set up a character customization tool, like it is prominent in RPGs, MMOs and other games where the designers wanted to offer a sense of personalization to the player. And then, use this tool to create an army of in-game characters. You could either have some character artist customize the models by hand, one at a time or have a program randomly generating customized models. Quite a powerful way to manage your assets.

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