17 December 2010

What will the next generation of gamers be playing? - by Jamie Mann

      Posted 12/15/10 10:37:00 am  

Here's a question.  What will today's young gamers be playing in ten years time?

To set the context to this question, there's 75 million Wiis out there, 135 million DSs, 45 million iPod Touches and 75 million iPhones.  Roughly 25% of Nintendo's userbase is aged under 18; on the Apple front,  a survey from 2009 indicates that 46% of iPod Touches are owned by people in the same age range, compared to just 6% of iPhones.

Bash these numbers together and you get the following:

35 million children own a DS17 million children own a Wii25 million children own a iDevice

There's certainly going to be a lot of overlap between these these demographics, but however you want to cut it, a significant portion of children have access to platforms with significant libraries of casual games

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