23 October 2010

Your Kids Constantly Playing Games? Are You Aware of The Effects?

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Many parents are undergoing a constant battle with their children regarding the time spent playing on their games consoles. Over the last decade the way that children spend their spare time has altered dramatically. Many children now choose to stare at a computer screen, a hand held device or a television rather than spending time outdoors and playing with friends.

With the online gaming market growing by the day it is becoming more appealing and easier than ever to play against friends or strangers from around the world whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home. Not only are the younger generation increasing the chances of long term damage on issues such as weight, eyesight and behaviour but parents no longer know or can control who their children are associating with. It has been statistically proven that time spent playing on violent games results in children being less well mannered and even disrespectful compared to children who play on non violent games.

Pier pressure is also becoming an issue. Children want to keep up with the latest trends and with others and are putting more and more pressure on parents financially. Games consoles aren't cheap and with Christmas fast approaching many children will be asking and most of all expecting the latest technology to be under the tree on Christmas Day morning.

Although consoles and games aren't on the cheap side the internet is providing a less expensive alternative to parents. With more online shops opening, parents have the chance to shop around and will often find that high street prices can be beaten. There are also voucher codes or promotional codes readily available to entice parents to purchase such items at discounted prices when shopping online. The question has to be asked however, are parents helping their children by giving in to their wishes or are they punishing them in the long run by encouraging less physical activity and more time spent with their games console?

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