18 October 2010

Wizard of Wor a Blast From The Past of Arcades

Wizard of Wor wasn’t the most popular of arcade games back in the 1980s, but it was still fun to play and has its place in video game history. Harken back to the days of blasting wizards and monsters in a blue maze.

You’re stuck in a maze with a laser guns. Monsters are roaming all over the place. You have to shoot them before they can eat you or spit lasers or fire from their mouths to kill you. And once you kill them all, you move onto the next maze. Every so often, an evil wizard will show up to do you in. If you survive long enough, eventually the walls of the maze disappear altogether and it’s just you against the monsters in a great big open room.

This was Wizard of Wor, a 1980 arcade game from Midway. You could play it alone, or with a partner.

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