17 October 2010

Sociality Rocks and Casual Connect in Kiev - by Anatoly Ropotov

      Posted 10/16/10 11:55:00 am  

(repost from my blog dipinsi.de)

I'm visiting Kiev next week for both Sociality Rocks and Casual Connect.

This spring I was invited to Sociality Rocks to speak about Farm Anthology, but during the unfortunate summer (sick for few months in a row) the project have stalled, thus I've never confirmed my speech. 

The farming genre have greatly evolved since then: Farms -> Treasures -> Frontiers, replacing mindless leveling with collections, goals and other neat features. I hope one day this Xmas we'll sit in a comfy sofa for few evenings and compile a whole book filled with screenshots and reviews, explaining evolution of the genre: from classics and failures of Five Minutes and Rekoo to modern

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