23 October 2010

Runescape - 76k Tricking in Bounty Hunter and PvP

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76k tricking is a term you have probably heard of while playing Runescape. If used properly, this method can earn you up to several million gp an hour with almost no effort at all. In this post, we will be talking about how to 76k trick, the benefits of 76k tricking, and how other players feel about it.

Let's start off by talking about what 76king even is. When a player is in a bounty hunter or PvP world, they must be risking at least 76,000 gp (can be total value of items) to gain EP (earned potential). Every 30 minutes that you stand in the wilderness risking this amount, your EP increases by 25%. This is the idea behind '76k tricking'. Players will find a quiet spot in the wilderness and risk 76,000 gp and simply wait for their EP to rise. When it raises, instead of fighting to get loot, they will simply ask their friends for a trick. This is where the friend risks 76k and allows the player to kill them and use up the EP they have spent the past 30-60 minutes getting. The result of this is the friend losing 76k, and the player gaining anywhere from 10k-5m

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