19 October 2010

Review / Super Meat Boy (XBLA)

The moment you press start, and the voice of Super Meat Boy’s booming announcer rattles through your speakers, you know that you’re in for a game steeped in the nostalgia of a late-eighties side-scroller. And the moment you die for the twentieth time in a row, your insides staining a sea of spinning saw blades crimson, you know you’re in for a game every bit as hardcore as those late-eighties side-scrollers. Edmund Mcmillen and Jonathan McEntee’s Meat Boy started life as free flash game, originally released on Newgrounds in 2008. But the touching story of a lump of meat and a ball of bandaids, torn apart by the evil machinations of a fetus in a business suit, soon garnered the attention of Nintendo, promptly followed Microsoft and Apple. After a year plus of development, the two-man Team Meat is ready to reveal Super Meat Boy, a high-definition spiritual successor to the original flash title that is easily the most difficult and demented platformer to come along since 16-bit was wowing the kids. Think Super Mario Bros. 2 splashed with entrails.

Super Meat Boy opens with your girlfriend, Bandage Girl, having been kidnapped by the monocle-sporting, top hat-wearing Dr. Fetus. It’s up to you to chase after your adhesive damsel in distress through 300

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