23 October 2010

Online Text Games Or Food?

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Text Adventure Games and Snacking. Where Do You Stand?

As much as one can scoff (hah, pun!) at the title, text based games can become so involving that there might be a time when you log in, tap away on your keyboard and before you know it, half the day is gone, you are starving hungry yet knee deep in roleplay and hunting within the online text game.

Now, a wise text games player would tell you this:

Have snacks with you by your computer.

However, your body would tell you this:

Don't do it! But if you have to, try and make them somewhat healthy?

Snacking whilst on a computer is a fast and sure way to gain weight, let alone a greasy keyboard, so some consideration should be taken into account when you are having a full on text adventure games playing fest. Simple things like your crisps (chips to all you Americans) are baked and not fried, substituting a favourite snack for some pieces of carrot and cucumber (yes I know, they are vegetables, but only a few of them!) and instead of guzzling fizzy drinks, try a fruit cordial mixed with ice water. I have found that having a bag of boiled sweets (hard candy) to hand helps. It offers a burst of sugar when needed and keeps me occupied and off snacking before the screen while playing online text games.

Yes, everyone these days are telling you to watch your weight and the amount of rubbish you eat, and yes your time before your favourite online text game is your own and it is treasured and should be enjoyed, but cutting down a little will help a lot.

But you know, to be honest, there are just those times in your online text game playing life when only the best junk food will get you through that fifth hour of hunting and only a glass of fizzy drink will keep you awake, so clearly I vote gaming over eating. Irresponsible of me? Perhaps, but I love a full on text adventure games night once in a while, and it tastes better with my snacks.

Here are some hints to help:

Take regular breaks (if you remember to!) and go drink a glass of water. Giving your eyes a rest from the text based rpg, stops them from becoming strained and the water will help you remain hydrated during the online text game.

Allow yourself the occasional text games playing night. It is your own personal time so should be enjoyed.

Keep a bag of boiled sweets close by to suck on while playing text adventure games, and do so sparingly, so you are less likely to nibble.

Chose oven baked crisps over deep fried and have some pieces of apple, carrot and cucumber for when you know you will want to eat.

Try and resist the call of having food delivered. It is convenient, and tasty, but costly in both money and also calories.

Lastly, don't forget there is a world outside of your text games. As much as we all enjoy those free text games, sometimes a person has to do what a person has to do.

Be responsible. If you are hungry, eat. Forgetting to eat for too long is bad for your health and could lead to serious consequences. So don't do it.

Enjoy! I know I will, with a nice slice of chocolate cake.

By Lorna Cowie

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Lorna Cowie is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from http://www.IronRealms.com.

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