23 October 2010

Low Level Gold Farming - Is It Possible In WoW?

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Most people say that low level gold farming isn't possible. Mainly because the mobs at lower levels don't drop as much coin or loot. Not only that, but at lower levels, the characters themselves aren't very good either. They don't have the endurance and abilities to be able to kill mobs relentlessly. Well I say that it is possible. You just have to know what to look for.

What people look for in a spot are great loot and lots of coin drops. Well you won't find that in a low level spot. But this particular spot I am about to share, is different. You won't get coin drops but the loot will sell very fast and for very good money. So this is my low level gold farming spot in World of Warcraft.

The zone in question is called Westfall, and yes, it's in Alliance territory. Horde players can reach it too, but they have to be at least level 40. Which is a good thing seeing that the spot is level 13-14 or so.

On the shore line to the Great Sea you will find Sand Crawlers. The best place to get them all clustered together is North-West of Jangolode Mine. Now to get to the meaty stuff, literally.

The mobs will drop Crawler Meat, which is around 20g a stack, Crawler Claws, around 10g a stack and also. Clam Meat, which costs around 20g a stack. The mobs also drop green items and may also drop Small Lustrous Pearls, which can sell for 3 or 4g per piece.

You can get up to 500-600g per hour here easily with a high level character. So with an equal level character, you would make around, let's say 300g, which is a lot at level 14. You will be able to buy all the rare items you would want.

A tip for this spot, if you want to farm it with a high level character. Use a Death Knight. In the area I told you about, there are clusters of them. Use the ground based area of effect skill Death and Decay to kill the mobs as they spawn. Just set it on the ground each time you can and the mobs will die and respawn quickly just to die again.

In that manner, you can exceed the 600g per hour easily. So, back to the low level gold farming bit. Is it possible? I believe I just proved that it is. These items sell so well because not everyone farms them because the level of the spot is so low. So people don't give it any attention.

This is one of the tricks to making gold in WoW. Farm the stuff that others don't. That stuff is usually low level stuff. Everyone thinks that the higher the level of the mobs, the better the loot. I say, don't forget about low level gold farming.

As you can see, low level gold farming is possible. And the best thing about this is that it isn't just an isolated case. There are more spots like these.

The easiest way to get a hold of them is to get a WoW gold guide.

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