23 October 2010

How To Choose The Best Online Game That Would Be Right For You - Six Easy Steps

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Every gamer has this problem at some point - what do I play if I get tired of my old games? You can do a search on Google or look at the list of an MMO games to play, but how do you find an interesting game between hundreds of releases that compete for a market share? And how do you know they are interesting to play and not bugged like hell?

That's easy. I'm going to tell you in these few steps where you should start looking and how to take a good game from a bad one.

1. First question you should be asking yourself, is what kind of setting do you like most - should it be an euro-style MMORPG with orcs and elves like the famous World of Warcraft, or you want to play Korean and Chinese-style MMORPG like Lineage2, or to try a sci-fi setting for the change, like Eve Online or Fallen Earth. Furthermore, it's important to decide what style of gameplay you are preferring right now - should it be a light browser-based games, not requiring you to install anything, or you want to go for some deep gameplay. There is also a distinction between games that need to be installed - contemporary MMORPGs could be 3d or 2d like many of the Chinese releases.

2. What kind of paying options would suit you best? There are several different payment programs available at the market. They all have their cons and pros that should be discussed in a post of its own, but there are the basics you need to know right away: there is a "pay to play" and "free to play" programs, plus combination of both. Some games like GuildWars offer unique payment options, but we shall discuss it later. Surprisingly, many people seem to think that "free to play" means it's really and absolutely free. Don't be fooled right away - actually, free2play model is much more expensive for a player as soon as the game gets you caught on a hook. Also, usually pay2play games offer more quality products than their free2play counterparts.

3. Go on and gather a list of all the games that theoretically might get you interested. You can use several big listings of the online games like MMOHut or MMORPG.com, just remember, their lists are overlapping but not at 100%.

4. If you decided what kind of graphics do you want to see in a game (like i told you in the item 3), open pages with information about the games you have selected and take a look at the screenshots. Sometime you need only a glimpse at their graphics to decide this stuff is not for you. You may think it costs you more time spent on looking and searching and also more hassle, but what would you prefer better - to spend your time downloading, installing and running an unneeded client for a game you'd close right after login screen? This is, of course, if we are speaking of the games that need client at all.

5. Now we're getting to the most time-consuming and time-saving step at the same time! Almost every MMO listing has a forum or at least a comment section where other players like you leave their comments and discuss games. It's time consuming because you should go and look for the user comments on those games that are still on your list after the last step. It's also time saving because reading about someone's bad or good experience would save you a great deal of time - no need to download and play games that are bugged or otherwise unplayable by some reason. Some games has serious problems with their support team being arrogant and unhelpful, and as a matter of a sad fact this kind of problem happens more often than you'd ever imagine. You may end up opening a discussion about some particular game and, seeing only negative response, you'd end up excluding this game from your list in no time.

6. By now you should have seen a lot of games, excluded most of the from your list and left out with the few precious pearls of knowledge - congratulations, you spent some time not entirely to waste and the profit is, you can finally start playing!

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