23 October 2010

Horde Gold Farming For The Good, The Bad and The Elite

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Looking for some easy Horde gold farming in World of Warcraft? There is a way you can make very decent amounts of gold in the game without having to stress about not killing enough mobs or having to evade enemy players or get ganked by them. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true. If you are a very comfortable player, or you just want to relax and take it easy while you make the gold you need, than this is for you.

I've been farming in all sorts of places since I've started playing World of Warcraft. Whenever word got out of a good spot to farm something, people would abuse it. Seeing a lot of players battle for a single mob isn't a pretty sight, especially for the mob. That's why I tried to look for spots where I didn't have to race half of my faction for a mob, nor did I want to get ganked all the time.

The spot I am going to tell you about is an Instance called Wailing Caverns. As a Horde player, all you have to do to get to it is to teleport to Ogrimmar then fly to The Crossroads in The Barrens. From there you just go South-West and you will find the Instance. Alliance Players can come here too, but as it will be an Instance, they won't bother you, nor will your own faction.

The only requirement here, well there are two actually. You will need to have the Fishing skill, and pretty high too. The other is to be at least level 35 to be certain that the mobs will be grey to you. As for Lures, use Nightcrawlers if your skill is low. Then you are ready to do some Horde gold farming.

You will be fishing for Devian fish. The best place in the Instance for this is the northern chamber named Dreamer's Rock. Just fish the open water there, even if there aren't any Fish Schools. The drop rate for them is a lot higher in the Instance than outside.

After around one hour, you will get around 80 pieces of them, which will sell for roughly 200g. If you wait until there is a higher need for them on the AH, you will sell them for higher. You also get other types of fish that sell really well. In total, you can make around 250g here, every hour. So yeah, not too bad.

Whenever you want to just relax, have a sit and still do something productive in the game, then here is your solution. If you don't have the Fishing skill, you can easily get it and level it. I hope I helped with my alternative for some Horde gold farming.

I realize that Fishing isn't really something a Horde player would do, but if you want to get some Horde gold farming done, you'll embrace it.

Or you could simply spare yourself the embarrassment and awkwardness and use a WoW gold guide.

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