23 October 2010

Have Fun Playing Taxi Truck

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Who said riding in a taxi can't be fun? How about taking a ride in a monster truck taxi? Now you can, with Taxi Truck! No, you can't do it in real life but you can do it online in this fun and challenging free online taxi game from agame.com, one of the best places for free online games.

You are a driver and your job is to get passengers to their desired destination as quickly as possible and without crashing but you are not driving a monster truck taxi for nothing as you will have to drive through bumpy roads filled with obstacles and perform jumps while maintaining stability and direction.

The game features different levels in which your performance will be determined by score, time as well as your off-road driving skills. You are running against time in each level so you need to drive as fast as possible in order to get your passengers to their destination. You are allowed to crash but not too much. The game features a damage indicator for your monster taxi so you need to make sure you don't over do it.

Taxi Truck's controls are simple. Use the Up / Down arrow keys to Accelerate and Reverse, Left / Right keys to lean back or forward and Space to move the passenger.

Taxi games are fun to play and Taxi Truck is just one of them. Be sure to play Crazy Taxi, Sim Taxi and Zombie Taxi as well for more taxi challenges!

Be the taxi driver with Taxi Games at TaxiGames.info or relax with Monster Truck Games at MonsterTruckGames.info

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