23 October 2010

Good Gold Farming Spots - What Are Some Good Spots To Make Gold in WoW

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You need some good gold farming spots in World of Warcraft if you want to make your own gold. Many people have tried to farm gold and have failed. This is because most of them were using the wrong spots. Others were in good spots but didn't use them properly. You need quite a lot of cash in the game just to sustain yourself. Repairing gear and always buying needed consumables take their tolls on your wallet.

To not worry about your financial status in the game, you need to have a constant flow of money coming your way. The easiest way to make that happen is to do some grinding. Doing this in the right spot, will get you the gold you need. Otherwise, it'll just waste your time.

You probably ended up here hoping to find some good gold farming spots. Well, I will give you just that. These are two spots I usually use and they never let me down.

1. The first spot is the most lucrative one. In Westfall, all across the shore line to the Great Sea, you will find Sand Crawlers. These drop three types of meat and even some rare crafting reagents. The best place to farm them is North-West of Jangolode Mine. They are closer together there and are easy to kill with AoE spells. The mobs are 13-14 in level, so you can start using this spot from level 20, for Alliance. Horde players have to be at least 40 to be able to get here.

In 30 minutes, I made around 400g here with a level 80 Death Knight. You get Crawler Meat and Claws, Clam Meat and can get Small Lustrous Pearls. You also get a lot of green items.

2. The second spot from my collection of good gold farming spots, is a bit higher in level. North of Camp Tunka'lo in the Storm Peaks you will find Frostfloe Deep. A cave filled with fire elementals called Wailing Winds. This is a great spot to get Eternal Fire. A reagent that is always used in crafting.

The mobs are fairly easy to kill. They do Charge so it will be a bit tricky for a Caster or Ranged class to kill them. A melee character won't have any problems though. I made around 300g with the same toon here in about one hour.

There you have it, two of my favorite farming places in the game. Once you use any of these, you will see how good they are. If you farm there every day for a couple of hours, you will always have gold to do whatever you want. All that's left for you now is to actually try these good gold farming spots.

Making gold in the game shouldn't be hard, especially when you have some good gold farming spots.

You will find other awesome spots to get rich quick in the game, along with other ways to make gold in a WoW gold guide.

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