19 October 2010

DJ Max Portable 3 Preview

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Recently we got many role-playing games on PlayStation Portable but now it seems that we're going to get something new and refreshing. I know that many people love music video games, and I have to admit that they are quite the hit nowadays especially with games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. This time it's not about your rock band and guitars, it's about being a DJ.

I don't know if you've tried any of the DJ Max games, but in case that you don't know, DJ Max is an action-rhythm video game developed by the South Korean Pentavision Entertainment. Interesting thing is that the first DJ Max has been published in 2004 for the PC but over the years series has switched to the PSP. As for the DJ Max series on the PSP we already got six DJ Max games on it, and according to the latest news we're about to see more of them.

The new upcoming DJ Max game from Pentavision Entertainment is called DJ Max Portable 3. Just like in any rhythm based game you need to press the right buttons at the right time as the song plays and if you manage to do that flawlessly you'll charge up your Fever meter and once you activate it you'll be able to get x2 or x5 combo. Interesting thing is that we'll going to see some new modes in DJ Max Portable 3 such as brand new mode known as Remix System. Interesting thing about Remix System mode is that it requires you to use both analog stick with circle, triangle, square and the X button. Another interesting thing about this mode is that it features two purple long notes that are played by moving the analog stick and they should represent scratching and cross-fading techniques. There are Sampler Notes that resemble synthesizer notes and sound effects and they are played by pressing the Square, Triangle and Circle keys when the analog stick is moved to the left or to the right. We should see a completely new 3-button mode as well as well as High-def graphics and music videos in the game. Another interesting feature is that you'll be able to preview your songs and music videos before choosing them, which is definitely a welcome feature.

Game looks promising enough and if you're a fan of music and rhythm based games you shouldn't miss this game. Speaking of music this game should feature 50 different songs that will allow you to feel like a real DJ. Some of the confirmed songs include: Leave me Alone / NieN, Become Myself / PIA, IF / Vanila Unity, Beautiful Girl (Seth Vogt Electro Vanity Remix) / DJ Keri, Waiting for the Sun / Mindcube, Funky People / vespers vs myagi and many more. I can just say that these songs fit the game perfectly and I'm sure that they will make your gameplay experience enjoyable. Gameplay itself looks amazing and intense and it makes you feel like you're actually the DJ. One thing that makes the gameplay impressive is the fact that music video is playing in the background and that it is changing along with your notes so it provides quite a spectacular experience. Combine active music video with some amazing songs and you'll get an awesome gameplay experience. Sadly, we don't have any additional information about the gameplay, so we'll just have to wait until we get the official release.

DJ Max Portable 3 looks like one of the best rhythm based games, and if you're into that type of games you mustn't miss it when it is released. As for the release date, DJ Max Portable 3 was announced on 25 May 2010 and we should see it in UMD and PlayStation Network Digital Download format in October. It seems that Noth American version will be available a bit earlier on October 14, 2010, while the South Korean version will be released a week after. From what we know, the game will feature 50 songs and several gaming modes, so if you're a fan of rhythm and music games, I suggest that you check out DJ Max Portable 3.


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