19 October 2010

All About Duke Nukem Forever

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Over the years video games have virtually introduced us to an entirely new world of entertainment. People who love playing these games have actually forgotten what other means of entertainment are. If you are one of those crazy video-games lovers, no one else better than you know how these games make you stick to the computer or play-station screens for straight long hours. Although, most of these games have this capacity, yet there are some which are far more enticing than others.

Among these video games, one which simply can't let you move away from your PC or play station screens for even a second is the Duke Nukem video game series. Duke Nukem Forever is basically a sequel to the famous Duke Nukem 3D, which was released in 1996 and got ravaging critical remarks. Everyone including the critics could not just help praising this game. Owing to which 3D Realms, the studio responsible for its development and success, planned to build a new part or sequel of this game, far more advanced than this one.

So, they started working on Duke Nukem Forever since then. The only objective of the 3D Realms was to build this game in such a grand way that people forget to play other games. Broussard and Scott Miller, the men behind the concept of this game geared up and started putting all their efforts and resources to make this game, a dream come true for all the crazy fans of video games in general and 3D version in particular. However, days turned into months and months into years but there was no sign of the game coming in the market. 3D Realms kept on testing the patience of the fans of this video game series by continuously delaying the release dates due to several reasons. Primarily because Broussard wanted to build this game in a way too great manner owing to which he kept on changing the graphics of the game over and over again and went on adding the features of nearly every game that came in market those days.

But let's cut the long story short, 3D Realms consequently started facing financial constraints and eventually gave up on their effort. However, the good news is that all of you people do not need to get upset; as the word is that the game has been developed under Gearbox software and now is going to be released in probably early next year that is 2011. Moreover, there is other exciting news for you as well that is, until you get your hands on the real game you can view the videos related to Duke Nukem Forever on internet on some particular sites.

So, now let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Gearbox software meets the deadline and release the much awaited Duke Nukem Forever on time. Meanwhile, you can get your eyes on a few Duke-Nukem Forever videos and also can get a view of the Duke Nukem Forever gameplay video by searching the World Wide Web and see if you find the right site offering this facility. Gamer videos websites would be a good choice in case you love to watch game videos.

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