19 September 2010

Strife Raiding

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It's not uncommon to find yourself bored or with a little extra time. Some people spend tons of money looking for that fun alternative to a boring work or school week. World of Warcraft allows you to save money while you play for only a small monetary monthly payment.

World of Warcraft allows everyone a 10 day trial to their gaming outlet. It's a great way to involve your family and friends. The game has since come down in price and is available for purchase at almost any game store. You can even run the course of the 10 day trial and subscribe to their service at the end of the trial.

One of the most interesting things about World of Warcraft is the ability to group with friends you meet online. Groups can consist of a small group of people or team efforts can scale to a large 25 person raid. Raiding takes time, patience and coordination.

Raids usually range from a 10 person group upward to a 25 person group. Raiding requires team effort and a solid group of raiders. These players work together to combat the actual design of the game. The designs incorporate dragons, monsters and all other types of animated mutations. Raids of the largest scale typically assign 1 or 2 people to help coordinate the raiding event. This is in order to keep everyone playing their niche and using everyone's talents to complete the task at hand.

Many raiding "guilds" formed throughout the life of World of Warcraft. There are guilds that compete on a international level. While interviewing guilds I found a group of players that especially intrigued me.

The members of a group called are found on the Jaedenar Realm of servers. It's a player vs. player server that hosts a small, tight-knit community. While discussing the in and outs of their guild, I couldn't help but notice the feeling of strong bond between the players. When I asked one of their members nicknamed Mortz about the sense of close friendships he told me about the way they all met.

The group of players met when the game first came out and over the course of a four year spread they managed to continue playing together. Some of them played with the group during their free time at college. Mortz stated that his group of friends managed to meet up over several large gatherings that were held in the Central Florida area.

It's impressive to see a group like remain so collected. After all the group met in an online game and to this day not all of them have even met in person. This certainly seems like group has benefited from the value of such an inexpensive entertainment outlet.

You can visit the guys and girls of Group at their website: http://www.striferaiding.com

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