21 September 2010

PAX 2010 - ArenaNet Has Announced a Mobile Application for GW2

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"Created many centuries ago come true and Navyu Caves were Talliona tunnel between two worlds. But when the war broke out between Svarog and the Black Serpent, Cronus shut the cave and commanded Atlanta to create portals that hide the entrances to the cave.

But, after many centuries, the detachment of miners stumbled upon an ancient passage during the research of land for the presence of rich deposits. All the brave and valiant soldiers of Aquilonia were called to the caves to confront an ancient evil.

Huge caves stretching under the ground from the White Groves to the Old Plateau, teeming with monsters and creatures never seen before. Anyone who dares to go there, meet on its path of huge spiders, poisonous asps and man-lizards. And those who will be able to go into the very bowels, in the twilight of a century, he will appear before the existing. This creature - something that has all the lost, the terrible and indescribable, created by cultists Chernobog many centuries ago.

Not everyone will be able to discover the secrets Talliona - no single test should pass the heroes and prove their loyalty and valor of the Guardian. But those who manage to win their trust, will be granted the keys to the most profound passages Talliona, home to the most vile creatures Talliona and kept their secrets.

And in the capitals of all the know is willing to pay a large reward to anyone who went to the Caverns Taleona and obtained for them would be something rare!

Caves Talliona - many non-isolated dungeon, divided into three zones. The first is accessible to all, you can fight monsters from 20 to 60 level, among them a huge dragon and a fierce two-headed dog Garhu. To enter the second zone need keys that you can get a reward for the job Guardians. These keys allow you to open the gates, guarded by two fire golems. Fight with the strongest bosses, such as the guild wars 2 gold, Cave Keeper and the Fighter, you will earn a reward is another key. Key that opens a passage in the last zone of caves - the existing ones.

In the caves of players to meet the 14 new bosses to slay all of which - the real test.

There are two cave entrance - from the lands of the two factions of light and dark. Therefore, we must be very careful and watch out not just monsters, but also enemies! "

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