19 September 2010

My First Week as a FULL-TIME Indie Developer - by Tyler Glaiel

      Posted 09/17/10 02:22:00 am  

This week we started working full time, in an office, on Closure. It's been an interesting experience.

My entire life I've been making games as a hobby. My hours have always been "when I feel like it", which work well in some situations (when I'm motivated) and don't in others (when I have tedious menial tasks to do). Some times I could work unhealthily long days (14 hours of solid work or more), other times I could go months without working more than an hour a week.

With no schedule it was often difficult to work without distraction. I'd set myself down to work for the day, but then decide I deserve a break, so I'd take a break after 15 minutes of work that involved playing games, eating,browsing the web, watching tv, snacking, then realizing that it's 2AM and I didn't actually get any work done that day. It never really felt that way though, since I could always still end up finishing games flash games in relatively short periods of time.

Then came Closure. We began working on a "Full" version over a year ago. I managed to get the game from a blank c

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