17 September 2010

How To Play FarmVille For Beginners

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If you want to discover how to play FarmVille, then take a look at our overview of the game.

You will need a Facebook account to able to play. All you need is a valid email address and some basic details. Facebook is also free. Facebook is a free social networking site which only requires an email address to get started. There are various ways to find FarmVille the game, you can click on the "Applications" menu on the bottom-left of the screen, and look for for the game that way. Alternatively you can do a quick search in the search-bar towards the top of the page.

When you get started in the game, it would look as though the aim is to plant and harvest different crops for coins. This will increase your coins and XP in FarmVille. Planting and harvesting crops will get you right into the basics of learning how to play FarmVille. Once you farm for a little while you will soon notice how involved the game is. You can gain ribbons, unlock crops, share items, and other great things.

Harvesting your crops often is definitely the fastest way to accumulate large amounts of coins if you do it right. To do this, you will need to adopt this three-step process.

You must firstly see to it that that you plow the land. This gets it ready for the next step. (the farm is divided up into a grid with little squares which your farm is based on, each crop will take up one square or plot on the grid). Your farmer can only plow one plot of land at once. On the other hand, once you have earned 30,000 coins, you can buy a tractor. But be careful - even though it can plow 4 plots at once, you need fuel to run it!

The next step to learning how to play FarmVille, after plowing, is planting the seeds! Once planted you will have to wait for the little ones to grow. Each seed takes a certain amount of time to ripen. If you want to see a list of all the growing times, profits per month and per seed, then I strongly recommend looking at the FarmVille spreadsheet.

Harvesting is the act of using crops for its fruit/wheat etc. You earn coins and experience coins by harvesting. Once you have harvested all of your plots, you can start plowing again and then re-plant your seeds.

That's just the basics of how to play FarmVille. Want to know more? Then keep reading:

When you first start out, there will only be a certain amount of crops/tree's that you can plant until you get more experience and unlock some more. If you want to gain more experience, keep on harvesting and help out your friends on their farms.

Your land can also be expanded to make room for more plots and thus you will be earning more coins and experience points. There are different ways to finish a land expansion The common way is to gain enough coins and FarmVille neighbors to upgrade, or simply by buying the expansion with "Farm Cash", which is real money that you can put into the game.

As you gain more coins and more experience you will level up, leveling up will give you access to more things such new crops, special items, etc.

I can't continue showing you how to play FarmVille without mentioning that there are also ribbons that you can collect. These ribbons are awarded for different tasks you complete on you farm, many of them you will do without purposely aiming towards a ribbon. For example, just planting lots of flowers will allow you to earn ribbons. The main purpose of gaining ribbons in FarmVille is to show off your accomplishments to your Facebook friends.

The main strategy in understanding how to play FarmVille is to work efficiently not hard. This means harvesting crops on time, ie; You don't want to let your crops wither because you didn't plan when they were going to be ready to harvest. When your crops expire or wither you are throwing away much needed XP and Coins. To increase your coins and XP quicker, you can combine planting/harvesting with things like completing ribbons, constructing buildings etc. Don't forget to claim some added XP from adding lots of neighbors too! - They will fertilize your crops. This is a very good way to get ideas on how you want your own farm to look.

These tips will get you closer to fully understanding how to play FarmVille, but I advise you just go for it and explore all FarmVille's features.

FarmVille is an enormously complex game, and you often need some sort of help if you want to reach the top. Free guides for FarmVille are hard to come by, here is my favorite beginners guide to FarmVille.

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