21 September 2010

How to Make Scratched PS2 Games Work

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Gaming systems have come a long way in technological advances. However, just like the Atari cartridges of old, the new game discs can become scratched and unreadable. Knowing can save you a lot of money replacing all your favorite games that have become unusable.

There is an at home technique to repair the scratched game disc, and it only takes about 10 minutes! Holding the disc carefully so you don't add any additional fingerprints or scratches, run it under room temperature water. If there are specks of dirt that won't come off, you can gently rub the disc under the water.

Let the disc dry for a minute, then place two small dollops of toothpaste on it. Spread the toothpaste around the disc gently until it is completely covered. The toothpaste should be dry in about five minutes.

When dry, take a damp washcloth and remove the toothpaste. Start at the center, moving straight out to the edge. Rubbing in a circle is likely to cause more streaks and perhaps more damage to the disc. Rinse the disc, ensuring all of the residual toothpaste is removed, and dry it with a dry washcloth.

If it still does not work after testing the game disc in your system, you may need to invest in a heavy duty scratch remover like Game Doctor. If you still don't think that they scratches are deep, you can also do the toothpaste method one more time.

Trying to fix a game disc at home can save you a lot of money in the long run and get you back to gaming quickly!

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