17 September 2010

Groundhog Assault 3D - iPhone/iPad/iTouch - by Thomas Burnett

      Posted 09/11/10 12:53:00 pm  

It's been twelve years in the making.... not really. I started GHA over a decade ago to learn GL programming. About 4 months ago, I resurrected the project to learn iPhone/iTouch/iPad programming and have just released Groundhog Assault 3D V1.0 to the Apple App Store.

Here is the short promo:
It’s your meteor crater and your flags. Red Murray and his pack of jet-pack groundhogs are trying to make off with your flags. Pick up meteorites and knock them down…. How long can you keep your flags?

Groundhog Assault is a non-violent FPS game set in a meteor crater swarming with jetpack wearing groundhogs. The goal is to keep your flags as long as possible.


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