20 September 2010

Galaga Was Great Fun to Play in Arcades

No, Galaga wasn’t just another Space Invaders rip-off. Yes, the two games had their similarities, but Galaga was actually a sequel to the arcade video game Galaxian, and it was a lot of fun to play to boot. With bright colors, fast action and the chance to have a double-shooting spaceship, what more could a retro gamer want from an early shooter?

Everyone knows how Space Invaders was a huge hit video game in the late 1970s. Then in 1979 Namco and Midway released to the arcades a game called Galaxian, which had some similarities to Space Invaders but included better graphics, color and generally better action play.

Galaxian, too, turned out to be an arcade favorite, so to continue their success, Namco and Midway came up with a sequel game.

That arcade wonder would be Galaga, released in 1981.

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