17 September 2010

First impressions / Dead Space 2 multiplayer

By many accounts, Dead Space was a success of glorious proportions. Visceral Games developed a single-player experience that brought immense enjoyment, innovation and frankly, scared the living crap out of many a tough-guy gamer. We were introduced to space-engineer, Isaac Clarke, a new breed of survival hero living out the worst day of his life aboard a ship infested with limb-tearing Necromorphs. What made Isaac such a memorable character wasn’t merely his arsenal of laser surgery tools. It was a non-heroic, quiet-man persona that evoked a sense of empathy not often seen in this genre. It helped build a real sense that this was a man really shaking in his space boots, and you should be too.

When Dead Space 2 multiplayer was announced, fans of the first franchise were fearful of whether it would take away from a single-player experience and whether it was just merely a tack-on tactic. Admittedly, I was also one of those fans. So when I had the chance to test out two of the Dead Space 2 multiplayer maps  

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