18 September 2010

EA reveal Medal of Honor changes from beta

A tonne of people signed up for war back in July to take part in the Medal of Honor beta.  From all the hours of shooting, stabbing, and fragging, DICE have taken data and started tweaking the game to make sure it’s a completely refined experience for when it releases in October. They compiled a long list of changes they’ve made to the multiplayer, such as improving the hit boxes around your character to make sure players are tip-top with their accuracy.

You’ll also be able to toggle crouch and pick up other weapons. Past that there’s a series of weapon tweaks that make guns more powerful and reload times shorter/longer. We all know that DICE are experienced enough for the job, so we have full confidence that these changes are for the better.

Full list of changes below.

Improved and fixed hit detection code
- Improved soldier hit box
- Decreased interpolation time

Various Fixes
- Toggle crouch is functional
- Added weapon pickup feature
- Spawn points tweaked
- Spawn system features added to fix exploits
- Level collisions fixed
- Level exploits fixed
- Level and environment specific shaders for characters and weapons
- Improved lightning and effects on all levels
- Tweaked combat areas to prevent base raping
- Unlock tree expanded with F2000, G3A4 and P90 PDW forh both teams
- Tactical Support Actions score tweaked
- Increased zoom in speed for sniper rifles
- Fixed the delay after firing a bolt action sniper rifle
- Improved ragdolls
- Character visibility tweaked
- 3P muzzle flashes size decreased on all weapons
- Getting hit effects tweaked
- Crashes fixed when using Scoreboard, support actions and connectivity issues
- M3A3 tank engine improved
- M3A3 armor increased
- M3A3 damage increased
- C4 disappear faster after the played died
- C4 can be exploded by hand grenades or rockets but not by bullets
- UAV mesh visible for both teams
- UAV health tweaked

Improved control input mapping
- Major text overhauls
- Major graphical overhauls in the menu and HUD
- Tweaked point system HUD effects
- Tweaked support action HUD effects
- In-game HUD polished
- Kill messages fixed
- Options and screen align fixed
- Added the option to

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