20 September 2010

Dead Rising 2 Weapons Perplex And Excite

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In Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, players can experiment with the combination of various weapons to produce truly baffling concoctions. One such perplexity is the drill bucket. This hilarious artifact can be crafted from coupling a power drill and a metal bucket. Upon equipping the weapon, players can proceed to attach the aforementioned bucket to a zombie's head and watch as the zombie's already morbid face becomes a scrambled egg platter.

Other interesting weapons include the "Hail Mary," which is a football grenade and the "Super Slicer," which is a Servbot mask with a blade attached to it. Imagine running like a rhinoceros at a zombie and plowing straight through its torso. Sound entertaining? That's because the plethora of ways to massacre zombies is seemingly vast and always brutal.

Such unexpected weapon combinations encourage the player to collect many different kinds of useless weapons scattered across the city. Players are incited to think about any useless trinkets which might be useful for producing deadly tools of survival. One criticism of the weapon combination system is that much of the player's time is devoted to physically moving weapons to workbenches which serve as the only means of weapon experimentation. Players can spend an even greater chunk of play time performing trial-and-error operations which can become repetetive.

Despite these criticisms, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has proved to be an effective hype tool for the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2 on September 28th. Microsoft announced that it ranked as the number 1 Xbox LIVE Arcade purchase during its week of release and the demo retains a Metacritic average of 79.

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